Live at Kofferfabrik, Furth, 27/05/2006

Live at Hoerbar, Hamburg, 26/05/2006
Live at Neosfera, Prague, 23/06/2005
Live at Industfest I., A4, Bratislava, 14/01/2006
Shooting of the Phragments video by Sonic(k), 10/2005

Live at Gothic Party Brno VII., Brno (CZ), 03/12/05

Live at Decadence party, Art klub, Trnava (SK), 29/10/05

Live at Digitopia VI., club A4, Bratislava (SK), 07/10/05
Live at Zlá Zelina private party,near Bratislava (SK), 03/07/2005
Live at Noxious Art Festival, Vesoul (FR), 24-26/06/2005

Live in Gallery SUP / Bunker , Bratislava (SK), 13/06/2005

Live in Babylon, Bratislava (SK), 03/06/2005

Live in U-Club, Bratislava (SK), 12/02/2005
Live in Kalkbreite 4, Zurich (CH), 05/02/2005

Live in Sedel, Luzern (CH), 04/02/2005