20/09/2007 A new interview with Phragments in online here. 

17/07/2007 The 2CD compilation "New World Order" is out now on Thonar
records.  Limited to 999 copies in 6 panel digipack. With tracks from : 

A Challenge Of Honour - Atomtrakt - Atrox
Brachial Palsy - Camisole - Echoes Therein Gale feat. Kenji Siratori - Erik Ursich
False Mirror - Flutwacht - Galaxia Obscura - Institution D.O.L. - Invisible Front
Izanami’s Labour Pains - Kreuzer - Maya Nadir - Moon - My Asphyxia
Nebelkorona - Noisewerrrrk - Phragments - Sascha Mandler - SKM-ETR
Sky Burial - The Alison Project - The Sounds Of Earth
Thomas Nöla et sen Orchestre - Tonal Y Nagual - Vinterriket

The 2CD  album contains a new Phragments track entitled "Towards
a new horizon", written exclusively for this compilation.
Order from : Thonar Records

25/06/2007 Our new album entitled "The Burning World" will be out on
The Eastern Front  on the 31st of July. 

12/05/2007  New site launched