Welcome to the homepage of Phragments. Our project is a duo from Bratislava,
Slovakia. It consitsts of Matej responsible for the music and Sonic(k), responsible
for the videos. We have started the project in 2002 and have released 4 CDs so
far, all of them on our label Construct.Destroy.Collective. Our  first release was a 
3"CDR entitled "We Are All Beasts", it was a collection of songs mapping the first 
attempts of Phragments. Not long after that we have released the live CDR 
"Switzerland Occupied", with two uncut concerts from Zurich and Luzern. The 
idea of releasing live concerts has become a trademark for Phragments - each 
time we release a new studio album,  we also release a live recording from the 
same era.  It is because when played live, the tracks become a very different feel 
and we want to capture that on a CD. 
In the late 2005, we have released our first full-length album entitled "Homo
Homini Lvpvs". First released as a CDR in a limited edition of 150 copies, the 
album was sold out very quickly. We have decided to release it as a proper 
pressed CD in an edition of 500 copies. The CD also contains a video-track, 
courtesy of Sonic(k). After the tour in Germany in 2006, we have released 
another live CD called "Awaken the Wolves". It contains tracks recorded live 
during concerts in Germany and Slovakia. Our last effort is the second full-length
album called "The Burning World". This is for sure our best material to date - the 
combination of sombre orchestral maneuvers and noisy industrial outbursts. 
Pure orchestral industrial power!!! "The Burning World" will be released in June 
on the Israeli label The Eastern Front.