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The Burning World  [2007]
Non Serviam / Fireseed / Antichristos / Ceremony of Light
Song for the Burning World / La Marche des Machines / Remember

Awaken the Wolves  [2006]
And Now Eternity / Community Identity Stability / The Cogwheel Turns
Fury/ The Golden Age / Hunter / A Path Of No Return A Sign Of Things To Come Homo Homini Lvpvs [2005] And now eternity / Community Identity Stability / Morning into Night Pangaean Hymn / The Cogwheel turns / The Fall / Fury / The Golden Age Switzerland Occupied [2005] Luzern / Zurich We Are All Beasts [2004] Glorification of the Beast / 1945-1989 / We Failed the New World Machines Machines / Triumph