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25 April :: Ruzovi kovboji / Bartek split tape release party
25 April :: Ruzovi kovboji / Bartek split tape release party
Easterndaze about Rouzovi Kovboji / Bartek split tape
One can always find something charming in a primitive and almost vulgar expression of music. This split tape serves as a shining example. The newly founded platform Forum Absurdum with strong connections to the Bratislava underground venue Fuga, one of the hubs for most of the alternative acts hailing from Slovak capital. This release represents a more abrasive and brutal side of the club’s sound.
Ruzovi Kovboji / Bartek split cassete Digital Download available NOW!
Instant Satisfunction: a bewildering set of beat-dominated looping rhythmscapes

Instant Satisfunction  reviewed by Ed Pinsent / soundprojector

Rioteer / Urbanfailure / Gotharman / Axiomid, Instant Satisfunction, Slovakia, Urbsounds Collective, CD 26 (2012)

Four acts come together to release this set of sixteen beats-dominated rhythmscapes ranging in sound from techno, noise and industrial-lite to abstraction and experimental rhythm-based sound art. The whole recording can be a bewildering experience and an exercise in holding your mind together as it struggles with the influx of brutal and often punishing technoid music soundtracks. The music moves with an inhuman machine-like spirit created from the incessant repeating beats, chattering tones and murky rhythms that when combined together must achieve some level of self-awareness and conscious purpose. It reaches out to make contact with the nearest carbon-based life-form – which happens to be the unwary listener who thinks this recording is just going to be another compilation of club-friendly break-beat hardcore techno stuff. 

Instant Satisfunction

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